Friday, April 29, 2011

Links are now working

If you tried in the past few months and the links on the side (click on the books to read more about them) didn't work, they do now. BDSMBooks had gotten hacked and it took some time for the site to get organized and back online.

Did you know the three are actually part of a series? Over My Enslaved Body comes first and you meet Jack Kariola, the owner of Kariola Enterprises, a slave-training organization that trains slaves for the once-a-year auction. In Traitor Slave, he has to deal with not one but two slave, one of whom tries to turn the tables on him. And then Fully Owned, where Jack must deal with a rival slave-trainer who has kidnapped Jack's property.

Each book stands on its own, or they can be read together. Get your copies today!


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