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Adam needs a job and Jake Kariola makes him an offer he can't resist. Who wouldn't want all the sex they can get? And really, how hard can the training be?

Barbara knows what she wants - and knows that Master Jake can give it to her. Problem is, can Jake handle two of them at the same time?

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Alex Davidson knows what he wants...and isn't afraid to use a little hypnotism to get it. He’s not only noticed the new graphic artist hired by his company, he’s decided she would make an excellent sale at the Davidson Auction House. Once she’s received training as a sex slave, of course. 

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Carol Walden is sold into slavery by her best friend. At first she fights Jake and his team, but the more she thinks about it, the more she decides the life of a slave is exactly the life she wants.

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Amazon: Not available. They've decided this book is too hot for them and they refuse to carry it!

No worries, though. You can still get the book in the Kindle format (or any other format) from A1AdultEbooks, Taboo Reading and Smashwords. Just just the links above.          

When Jake's current acquisition turns on him, he's blindsided. And when his apprentice goes to the auction and brings him home a pre-trained slave, life gets even more complicated.

Who knew the slave-training business could be so difficult?
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When slave training is your business, you’re bound to make a few enemies along the way. Jake’s gotten rid of one problematic slave, but still has another on his hands and a contract to start training a new one. Life’s looking pretty good until a rival slave trainer kidnaps one of the slaves. Now it’s a matter of honor to get her back – or die trying.
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Dru needs to submit and Malachi needs to push boundaries. But how far is too far? Walking that tightrope stirs their passions, passions that threaten to ignite.

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A1AdultEbooks      Taboo reading     Smashwords    Barnes and Noble

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