Thursday, May 23, 2013


Over My Enslaved Body  is now available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and at Smashwords. It's also still available at A1AdultEbooks (its original publisher), so you can choose your format and your preferred business! The re-release has a sexy new black & white cover that is very, very erotic...

WARNING: this book contains scenes of forced sexual activity, humiliation and graphic sex. Read on for an excerpt...but only if you enjoy the shadier sides of our desires...

Over My Enslaved Body (excerpt)
Mystic Shade
All rights reserved

The pain in her head from the blinding light receded and Carol managed to open her eyelids enough to peek at the man whose voice seemed so kind as compared to the brutes who had kidnapped her. She blinked several times before he came into focus and she tried not to respond to the incredible maleness of the man who knelt before her, care in his dark eyes and his face etched with concern for her.
She nodded, the harsh light no longer sending darts of pain into her skull.
He leaned back on his heels, his eyes now surveying her, noting the bindings and the bruise on her cheek. She saw the color come up in his face as his fingers touched her cheekbone and she winced.
“That will be dealt with, don’t worry.”
Harshness colored his voice and Carol suddenly understood this was a man to be reckoned with. A man whose good side you wanted to stay on. A flash of anger lit his eyes for only a moment, but it gave her a glimpse of a very different sort of man under the surface. Fear coiled in her belly as she realized this man was no more her friend than the others.
As if he realized he’d let his mask slip, he smiled. “I’m Jake and I know you have questions. Let me answer as many as I can for you and then I’ll take that gag off so you can ask the rest.”
He stood, moving to a rather messy desk in the far corner, coming back with a thin folder Consulting it, he ran down his dossier on her.
“Name: Carol Walden. Age: 29, just shy of 30.” He winked at her as if they shared a joke, but Carol didn’t get it. “Occupation: owner of independent bookstore.” Looking at her again, he smiled. “I like that…’independent bookstore.’ Shows spirit and a desire to not go with corporate America.” He eyed her skirt and peasant blouse. “Suspect there’s a very independent spirit inside that body of yours.”
His look made her want to squirm again, but he was right. She did have an independent spirit and she let it flare now, holding her chin defiantly high and letting her eyes flash a warning at him that he’d best not mess with her.
He laughed outright. “Good.” He nodded and closed the folder. “Good to see. We’re going to have some fun together, I can tell.” Throwing the folder onto the large table in the center of the room, he sat beside it, one leg up, one down for balance.
“This is how it is, Carol Walden. You have a friend, one Beth Gardner, who felt you needed a change. She’s provided it, through me. I’m Jake Kariola and I run a…change business. Seems she knows of your…fantasies…and since I fulfilled one of hers a while back, she came to me to fulfill one of yours.”
Carol’s head reeled. Beth? Beth was behind all this? Beth was her best friend…her confidant. Why would she have her kidnapped? Kidnapping hadn’t ever been one of her fantasies. Was this all a mix-up?
“You’ve been sold, Carol. I bought you from Beth.”
Carol looked at him in panic. Okay, that one they’d talked about…in an esoteric sense. About being human property…bought and sold on the black market…sexual slavery…yeah. That had been a fantasy. But only a fantasy.
Jake slid off the table and towered over her, all traces of kindness now evaporated as the truth registered in Carol’s face.

“Yes, I paid good money for you.” He leaned down, his hands on the chair, fencing her in with his body, his face inches from her own. She shrank back against the cold leather seat and he followed. “You are mine now and I will do with you what I want.”

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