Friday, July 3, 2009


Whew! It took far longer than I expected, but the sequel to TRAITOR SLAVE is finished. It's entitled FULLY OWNED and I just sent it off to BDSMbooks. With any luck, he'll like it and the next book in the Kariola Enterprises series will be available.

I'd intended this story to be short like Traitor Slave. But 'round about the end of March the characters took a sudden, unexpected turn. I truly didn't expect the story to go in the direction it did and I tried to get them back on the track I wanted them on. But the characters were stubborn and they shut up entirely when I tried to move them away from where they wanted to go. We argued for the entire month of April and finally I acquiesed in May and let them loose.

What I got was an incredible ride of intrigue, suspense, extreme sex and a whole lot of violence on a scale I've never attempted before. I got angry at some of the characters, laughed at some of them and of course, turned on by most of them. Will keep you posted as to when Fully Owned will be available.

By the way, Over My Enslaved Body is #17 on the top selling list at BDSMbooks for the past 365 days! Thanks to all who made that possible!

Till later...